Guide for How Much to Tip in Egypt during a Tour Package

Guide for How Much to Tip in Egypt during a Tour Package

The first thing to consider is that baksheesh (tipping) is very much part and parcel of Egyptian culture. Tipping is a way of life in Egypt because all people working in the field of tourism have very low wages, so tips are expected in Egypt for almost any high standard of service provided.

Usually on a package tour the tour guides will ask you to contribute some tipping to drivers, porters and hotel staff …. ect. So you can choose one of two options mentioned here below:

1 - Tipping kitty

A tipping kitty takes away all the stress and worry. It takes the hassle out of tipping while on tour. A tipping kitty of specific amount of money can be suggested by the tour operator before traveling and it will be payable at the start of your tour and administered by the tour operator. It will cover all tips for guides, drivers, porters and hotel staff, cruise crew ….. etc.* You will not need to pay any more penny to anybody during your holiday from the start to the end because the tour operator who will be in charge of this. Nobody will dare to mention word “Tipping” in front of you.

2 – Self management

In this case we will not leave you alone because we know this can be very confusing for a foreigner and we will tell you what amount is appropriate to pay. The guide (or if there is a volunteer from the group) is then responsible for handing out the tips along the way. The guide will tell you how much to contribute and what it will cover.

While the tip for the guide himself you should tip him/her at the end of the tour. It should be organized by one of the group - and handed to the guide at the end of the trip. If you are unsure how much to give, you can discuss it with your fellow tourists or even you can check with your tour operator.


In both previous options we would like to emphasize that tipping is not obligatory and relying mainly on how satisfied you are and how was the level of service. The first option (Tipping Kitty) can be refundable partially or totally and will not be given (totally or partially) to anybody till the tour operator will make sure the service was beyond the customer's expectations. Remember that a tip is given of your own volition and stand your ground to hold back your tip if you feel you are treated unjustly!


Note: Every bathroom in the public places or areas, like airports, restaurants, malls, tourist sites … etc, has an attendant, who expects a few pounds for keeping the place clean. For the person who gives you the couple sheets of paper on your way into the bathroom, a 3-5 LE tip should be good.

* The tour operator has to tell the customers in details how the contributed tipping kitty will be divided and to whom will be given.

Tipping in Egypt

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